Why Grad School?

God desires for you to live and act with great intention, for His name’s sake. And yet, God hasn’t given a biblical commandment to go to seminary. So why go to seminary / grad school? Because we are never done learning and those that we minister to, deserve our best! I sadly hear many undergrad students say that they know all they need to know after doing a BA in ministry, Bible, or Theology. This cannot be further from the truth. My undergrad was in Ministry, but in Grad School i fell in love with biblical backgrounds of the text. This is the lens through which i teach Scripture. Thus, this below list. I have compiled various graduate programs which specialize in biblical backgrounds of the various areas of Scripture. I know not all of these are "evangelical" or even a Christian school. But, if you're a strong believer and desire to grasp the world of the biblical text, you can't beat these programs.