Majority World Voices

What is Majority World?

"More Christians now live in the Majority World than in Europe and North America. Yet most theological literature does not reflect the rising tide of Christian reflection coming from these regions. If we take seriously the Spirit's movement around the world, we must consider how the rich textures of Christianity in the Majority World can enliven, inform, and challenge all who are invested in the ongoing work of theology." - Majority World Theology, Introduction

Why Read Majority World Voices?

We should read Biblical / theological studies works from female scholars and from Latin American, African, and Asian perspectives to:

"At Every Voice we believe that Christian theological education should reflect the rich diversity of the global body of Christ. Since we serve a Triune God who seeks to reconcile people to himself and to one another, we work to cultivate a spirit of kingdom diversity and reconciliation within our academic institutions and societies. And with the conviction that everyone has been created in God’s image and therefore has something to contribute to the conversation, we emphasize the value of listening to all voices, especially those that have often been marginalized in the largely Western-dominated academy."

Every Voice offers a database of biblical/theological works authored by majority world authors: 

Database of Works

Recommendations for “Marginal Voices” by Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R.

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